Pizza can make you More Productive at Work? The new study says.

Pizza can make you More Productive at Work? The new study says.

A recent study claims that pizza is a bigger motivator than cash and can make people more productive at work when used as a stimulus. The discovery was made by psychologist Dan Ariely and detailed in his book “Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations.” According to a study, having the flat-rounded bread at work can boost your productivity levels.

A study has suggested that the prospect of a delicious cheesy pizza is a better motivator in the workplace than a cash bonus.Conducted at a semiconductor factory at Intel in Israel, Ariely sent workers one of three messages at the beginning of the working week to see which would motivate them to get the most work done.

The first offered them a cash bonus worth $30 (£29), the second said their boss would compliment them and the third promised a voucher for free pizza.

After just one day, pizza proved to be the most motivating message, with productivity levels increasing by 6.7 per cent ahead of a control group who received no messages.

Interestingly, the cash bonus motivated workers by just 4.9 per cent. In fact, after two days those who received the money offer were 13.2 per cent less productive in the office. By the end of the week, Ariely noticed productivity levels had dropped for this group by 6.5 per cent drop in total.

At the end of the week, pizza was found to be the highest motivator, increasing productivity by 6.7 per cent. The next highest motivator was the promise of a compliment from their boss. Interestingly, the cash bonus came in last although, to be fair, it was only $30.

As stated in his book, Ariely feels that pizza would have been the overall winner if he had been able to parcel out the reward via home delivery. “This way … we not only would give them a gift, but we would also make them heroes in the eyes of their families,” he wrote.

So, next time if you want to inspire somebody in your life to work a little harder, whether they’re an employee or simply a lethargic friend, try swapping pennies for pizza and compliments.

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