Proven How to Live More Than 100 Years

Proven How to Live More Than 100 Years

How large number of people actually lives more than 100 years

 This Article is not about just staying alive but staying healthy, active, mentally alert and happy for 100 years. Nobody can guarantee that you will live one more minute. But I can tell you how large number of people actually lives more than 100 years and, often, years longer than that.

There are various areas in the world where a much higher than average percentage of the population continues to be healthy. They are mentally alert and their memories are clear and accurate. They have a “youthful attitude” toward life. They feel “young” at seventy and happily say so.

Do you know why they live more than 100 years?

  • They eat fewer calories. The daily calorie consumption varies in each group but ranges from 1,200 to 1,900 calories per day.
  • They eat more protein and much less animal fat.
  • They get plenty of healthful exercise every day.
  • They expect to live to be over 100 years.

And they simply take it for granted that they will live more than a hundred years. They consider 100 or more years to be their normal, natural life expectancy.

The Law of Expectancy.

But there is one conclusion which applies to all of us in our daily activities and, especially, in our seeking to achieve our life-goals That is the Law of Expectancy. You will note that the people, who live over 100, EXPECT to live over 100 years. It is interesting that the Law of Expectancy seems to apply, not only to daily living, but even to the length of life, itself. Of course, there are other factors.

But it is known that people, who expect to die soon, usually do. Let us concentrate on applying the “magic three” Laws of Life:

Three Magic Laws of Life:

  1. The Law of Desire,
  2. The Law of Believing and
  3. The Law of Expectancy to achieving our life-goals.

These three Laws of Life are known as the “magic three” because they work like magic in producing in our lives whatever we want as our life-goal! Here’s HOW to use them:

  1. You must intensely desire your life-goal;
  2. You must deeply believe that you will attain your life-goal;
  3. You must confidently expect that you will surely achieve it.

These “magic three” Laws of Life are mentioned because, along with many other factors, they seem to influence the length of our lives. But what is more important, these “magic three” Laws of Life actually establish the quality of our lives and enable us to reach our life.

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